October 16, 2009

Flu vaccines linked to Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s.

Dear Newsmax Reader:
Russell Blaylock, M.D., a respected doctor and nutritionist has some urgent health information that could dramatically affect your health and well-being. Please take a moment to read his information below.

Beware Swine Flu Vaccination

It Can Weaken Your Immune
System and Damage Your Brain!

See How Big Government and Big Pharma
Conspire to Force Medicines on You!

Dear Friend,
All across America, people are speaking out on healthcare reform . . . Free Report
  • What will it cost?
  • Who will make medical decisions?
  • What might the government force on us?
What isn't being discussed is how Big Government and Big Pharma already have colluded to force medications on us, including some that are truly harmful.
Take government's aggressive promotion of the swine flu vaccination . . .
Flu vaccinations contain a full dose of mercury, the most toxic substance known to man.
No amount of mercury is safe. Even very small amounts can weaken your immune system.
Vaccinations also cause brain inflammation. And severe brain inflammation will lead to . . .
  • Behavioral problems and language difficulties in children!
  • Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases in adults!
Hello, I'm Dr Russell Blaylock. For 26 years, I've been helping folks in my medical, neurosurgical, and nutritional practice not only get off of dangerous drugs that do little or no good but also get natural solutions that actually work!
As the editor of Newsmax's popular health letter, The Blaylock Wellness Report I routinely cover . . .
  • Important health issues in the news
  • Dangerous and ineffective drugs to avoid
  • Propaganda from Big Pharma and the U.S. government
Most important, I offer safe and effective natural therapies for preventing and treating . . .
  • Heart disease, cancer, arthritis, neurodegenerative diseases . . .
  • Fatigue, headache, allergies, digestive ailments . . .
  • Diabetes, skin disorders, sciatica, bone health, and more!
Today, I'm going to give you a far safer and more effective remedy for preventing flu. In fact, I want you to have a FREE copy of my report on this, Vaccinations and Brain Injuries — Are You at Risk?
But first, I want you to know that . . .

Big Pharma's Far-Reaching Power

I've never been more concerned about Big Pharma's near total control of medical information in this country, as well as our government's "bought-and-paid-for" role in pushing its agenda.
I'm especially worried that, as we move toward universal healthcare — a euphemism for socialized medicine — we'll ultimately see government bureaucrats controlling medications for the entire population.
Today, they're pushing risky vaccinations that do more for Big Pharma's bottom line than for the health of the American people . . .
But there's also talk of putting everybody on a "polypill" that combines aspirin, blood pressure medicine, and cholesterol-lowering medication.
I'm not kidding! This crazy idea comes from the United Kingdom and — and it has been proposed here to control healthcare costs. It's bad enough that . . .
Big Pharma wants everybody on cholesterol-lowering drugs, including children . . .
Cholesterol does NOT cause heart disease. And taking cholesterol-lowering drugs will not prevent heart attacks or heart disease but will do bodily harm. See my report, "Cholesterol Drugs Are Dangerous" by going here.
I want you to be aware of Big Pharma's hidden agenda, and how companies get our government and media to promote their drugs, even when those drugs are harmful or ineffective.
That's why I want you to have a FREE copy of Vaccinations and Brain Injuries – Are You at Risk? Let's see what's in this valuable report for you . . .

Why Three Flu Shots This Fall?

You've seen the media blitz: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says you'll need two swine flu shots, as well as the regular seasonal flu shot.
Yes! Incredibly, it's urging three flu shots this fall! But why? Let's follow the money to find the answer . . .
When the swine flu story first broke, experts warned that it could be the worst flu since the 1918 pandemic that killed more than 50 million people worldwide, including 700,000 Americans.
But who were these experts?
People on the pharmaceutical and government payroll, that's who. They said it was the most unusual virus they had ever seen . . . that it could kill in large numbers . . .
Overnight, a compliant media spread this alarming news was spread far and wide.
Parents were scared out of their wits. Schools were closed. Millions with flu symptoms flocked to doctors and hospitals!
And what happened? Across the globe, 429 people died. Yes, that's unfortunate, but compared with the 36,000 people that die each year from regular flu it wasn't a serious threat.

Swine Flu Found to be Weak Virus

The Chicken Little doomsayers (read "drug company executives") were disappointed in these statistics. But now they're back scaring the public again, saying the "big event" is coming this winter!
And surprise of all surprises, drugmaker Novartis has a swine flu vaccine all ready to go. And the company says it won't give the vaccine away to the poor. Everybody must pay!
Imagine if it could sell 2 billion doses worldwide and get $5 a piece for them. That's $10 billion.
Neat trick. But to succeed, it will need governments around the world insisting that their citizens get vaccinated while using taxpayer money to buy the vaccine for the poor.
Washington is on board. Can you guess why?
Big Pharma is the biggest contributor to Washington politicians — both Democrats and Republicans. President Obama himself collected $1.2 million during his presidential campaign.
Just be aware of what's going on . . .

Washington Politicians Bought

Already, Big Pharma's chief lobbyist, Billy Tauzin, has cut a secret deal with President Obama ensuring that drug prices won't be negotiated any lower in any healthcare reform legislation.
The American Medical Association, which is Big Pharma's silent partner, has a deal, too: No reduction of its lucrative licensing fees on "medical billing codes" will be allowed in any legislation.
Have you noticed that Big Pharma and the AMA are on board with Obama's healthcare plan? Even over the objections of most doctors!
Meanwhile, nobody is allowed to offer alternatives for preventing swine flu. Government medical bureaucrats are the sole source of official information, and they're getting their marching orders from Big Pharma, while you pick up the bill!
Well, I'm blowing the whistle!
As a neurosurgeon, I can tell you that vaccinations are not safe. They can weaken your immune system, cause brain inflammation, and even lead to neurodegenerative disorders such as autism, Alzheimer's, and Parkinson's.
Why risk these serious diseases when you can get better and safer alternatives for flu prevention and treatment?
Now's the time to take control of your healthcare decisions, get the best medical solutions, and not be tricked or coerced by Big Government and Big Pharma.
That's why today I'm extending a special offer to try The Blaylock Wellness Report at half price — just 13 cents a day. That's not a misprint — I really mean just 13 cents a day!
And my special offer includes a FREE copy of Vaccinations and Brain Injuries — Are You at Risk? Plus, FREE copies of these valuable reports . . .
  • Cholesterol Drugs Are Dangerous!
  • Health Exams that Can Save Your Life!
  • Omega-3: Nature's Miracle Panacea
  • Eliminate Hypertension Forever!
  • Prevent Cancer Before It's Too Late!
Let's see what else of value you'll find in your FREE copy of Vaccinations and Brain Injuries — Are You at Risk? Go Here Now.

How Big Pharma Controls Medical Treatment

Are you aware that Big Pharma has near total control of medical education in this country, as well as how doctors practice medicine?
That means they control the treatment you receive. Here's how they do it:
First, they fund most medical research and set up the studies to favor their drugs . . .
Second, they contribute heavily to medical schools, especially those that have the most public and media influence . . .
Third, they advertise heavily in medical journals and popular consumer publications . . .
Fourth, they've long had an alliance with the AMA for the dual purpose of supporting one another and denigrating competitors.
So, when doctors got to medical school . . . they learn to diagnose diseases and to prescribe pharmaceutical drugs for those diseases.
Likewise, when you go to see your doctor, he or she prescribes drugs as your primary medical treatment.
Granted, some of this medicine is good, even life-saving. But much of it is worthless, harmful, even life-threatening. And you need to know the difference.
Cholesterol drugs, stomach-acid-reducing drugs, blood thinners, anti-depressants, sleeping pills, and many more drugs do more harm than good.
That's why I want you to try The Blaylock Wellness Report at half price, just 13 cents a day. That's also why I want you to have a FREE copy of Vaccinations and Brain Injuries — Are You at Risk? Go Here Now.
Let's look at more of the valuable information in your free report . . .

Do You Know How the Flu Virus Works?

The flu virus causes immune cells to produce cytokine molecules that increase inflammation. Normally this is controlled, but in extreme cases, a "cytokine storm" occurs. This can cause tissue and organ damage, and even death.
When you're fighting the flu, you feel bad not because of the virus but rather because of the "cytokine storm."
But get this: All vaccines trigger their own cytokine storms. And researchers now know that increased inflammation is at the heart of most illness and disease. Which means the vaccines themselves are hazardous to your health.
The solution is to avoid flu shots, and if you've had them in the past, to take nutrients that will strengthen your immune system and reduce inflammatory cytokine activity.
The following nutrients — fully detailed in your FREE REPORT — are your best course for defense and repair . . .
  • Vitamins C and E, plus carotenoids: See how a deficiency suppresses your immune system, a common problem among the elderly.
  • Vitamin D: See how five to 10 times the RDA will protect you against flu, weak bones, cancer, and more, but you must get the "right type."
  • Curcumin and quercetin: Combining the two in my recommended dosages will calm a cytokine storm and prevent bodily damage!
  • Magnesium, selenium, and zinc: These can control inflammation and strengthen immunity, but see which types to use!
  • Resveratrol: See the type and dosage to prevent viral replication. It also protects your brain from damage!
  • Three little-known supplements that will increase immune-boosting glutathione in your cells, fight viral infection, and reduce inflammation!
  • Inflammatory foods to avoid that contain omega 6 oils, iron, sugar, mercury, and fluoride.

See your FREE report for details!

Unanswered Questions on Risky Vaccines

Also in your FREE report, Vaccinations and Brain Injuries — Are You at Risk? you'll find out . . .
  • Why many doctors refuse to take the same vaccines they recommend to their patients!
  • How better nutrition and sanitation, not vaccines, wiped out childhood diseases in this country!
  • Why studies showing that vaccines weaken the immune system have been suppressed!
  • Why parents are told their children need 36 to 40 shots before attending school, even though frequent vaccination can cause brain damage!
  • Why seniors are told to get flu shots every year, even though repeated vaccination can lead to Parkinson's and Alzheimer's!
Want to be aware of Big Pharma's agenda and how Washington and the media promote it? Want safer and better alternatives to prevent and treat illness and disease?
Then please take advantage of my no-risk offer to The Blaylock Wellness Report for just 13 cents a day . . .
My special offer today includes a FREE copy of Vaccinations and Brain Injuries — Are You at Risk? Plus, more than two dozen reports in my Web archive! Go Here Now.

My Mission Is Your Good Health . . .

As a regular reader of The Blaylock Wellness Report, you'll learn the REAL causes of . . .
Autism and Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases . . .
Heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, gastrointestinal problems . . .
Weight gain, fatigue, allergies, headache, sexual dysfunction . . .
Immune disorders, arthritis, skin problems, osteoporosis and more!
In The Blaylock Wellness Report, you'll get effective solutions for these problems with safe and effective natural therapies!
You'll see how to make smart choices on foods, medicines, and nutritional supplements. And you'll get easy-to-use tips on staying well and feeling your best!
You can trust what you read in The Blaylock Wellness Report because . . .
I take NO money from the drug companies. I get NO kickbacks from companies selling health products. And I'm NEVER involved in studies funded by the pharmaceutical industry or government.
I work for you, my readers, and my interests are focused on showing you how to safely prevent and treat disease, while boosting your energy and feeling your healthy best! And look here . . .

Your Special Half-Price Invitation

The Blaylock Wellness Report is regularly $8 a month, just $96 for a whole year. But because you're a valued member of the Newsmax family . . . YOU SAVE 50% off the regular price today!
Your preferred rate is $48 for a full year — just 13 cents a day! And it includes immediate access to all of the reports I've written in the past, which are waiting for you in the Web site archives. Here's just a sampling . . .
  • Health Exams That Can Save Your Life
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  • Arthritis: Confronting Chronic Joint Pain
  • 7 Strategies to Stop Heart Disease
  • Vitamin D's Hidden Role in Your Health
  • The Great Cancer Lie — It Is Preventable and Beatable
  • Cut Your Risk of a Deadly Stroke
  • And dozens more!
This access alone is a $600+ value — or more likely it'll prove "invaluable" because my reports cover dozens of important health topics that could extend, and even save, your life!
Act Now! As you've learned today, you can't trust Big Pharma, Big Government, or Big Media to act in your best interests. And now's the time to take control of your health with The Blaylock Wellness Report!
As a subscriber, you'll be encouraged to submit your own personal health questions. And, each month, Dr. Blaylock answers several of them in the Ask Dr. Blaylock section of the newsletter.

Your Newsmax Money-Back Guarantee

You risk nothing for giving The Blaylock Wellness Report a try. You must be completely satisfied that you're getting the best medical advice available today, or you may cancel for a full refund on all unfulfilled issues. And of course, you keep everything you've received!
And remember, in addition to Vaccinations and Brain Injuries — Are You at Risk? — you'll also get immediate access to these valuable health reports and many more.

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