November 10, 2011

Iran’s nuclear threat to Israel

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Dear Fred,
A new United Nations report released by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) confirms what we have long believed. Iran – a nation committed to the total annihilation of Israel and the destruction of the United States – is actively developing nuclear weapons.
Iran's Nuclear Weapons Program Revealed, Defend Israel
A nuclear-weapons-capable Iran is a direct threat to Israel and every free nation in the world. The U.S. must take action now to stop Iran's nuclear weapons program before it's too late.
We are working with our allies in Congress to put into law tough, new sanctions on Iran that hit at the heart of Iran's power: its financial, military, and energy industries. Add your voice to this fight; sign our petition to every Member of Congress today.
Iran's President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has already defiantly said that Iran will not retreat "one iota" from its nuclear energy program – and as a result, its determination to build nuclear weapons.
Iran's hatred of Israel, the United States, and freedom is clear. It was just a few weeks ago that U.S. officials uncovered a plot by the Iranian regime to assassinate a foreign diplomat and bomb the Israeli embassy in Washington, D.C. And it is the same Iranian regime that has sentenced Christian Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani to death just for being a Christian.
The Iranian regime would not hesitate to launch nuclear weapons on Israel and anyone who gets in their way. We must not allow that to happen.
Congress must pass and the United States must immediately implement tough, new sanctions to cripple Iran before it becomes the world's most dangerous nuclear power. Please sign the ACLJ's Petition to Defend Israel, Sanction Iran for Nuclear Weapons.
By taking action, you are not only standing up for Israel – our greatest ally in the Middle East – but for our own national security. Thank you for taking immediate action today.
Jay Sekulow
ACLJ Chief Counsel
P.S. Congress cannot stand idly by as Iran continues to develop nuclear weapons – weapons it will use to destroy Israel. Please forward this email to anyone you know who values Israel and our national security, and use the "Like" buttons in this email to share this critical petition on Facebook.

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