April 11, 2012

National Action Network | No Justice, No Peace

National Action Network | No Justice, No Peace:

I wrote this letter to the Chief of Police of Illinois' Village of South Holland Police Department (SHPD) after his police officers would not file criminal charges against a man who came to my home and threaten to kill me. This threat was presented in front of my grandchildren. After my letter and continued pressure, SHPD decided to charge the person with a Village of South Holland Code Violation, holding a hearing in the neighboring Village of Lansing where they had cases of dogs urinating on other peoples property, auto violations, and Village code violations. This person who threaten my life was found guilty of the Village of South Holland's "Code Violation" and given a $100.00 fine. This is the first letter I wrote to the Chief of Police in the Village of South Holland Illinois about this incident.