April 03, 2013

Judge Stuttley’s Pledge to South Holland


Judge Stuttley's Pledge to South Holland is:

No Liquor Stores    No Taverns    No Apartment Buildings

Judge Michael Stuttley is endorsed by:

  • U.S. Congressman, Democrat Illinois Danny K. Davis, 7th District
  • U.S. Congressman, Democrat Illinois Bobby Rush, 1st District
  • South Holland Regular Democratic Organization
    SHDemocrats@gmail.com P.O. 1406, South Holland, IL 60473
  • Citizens to Elect Michael "Mike" Stuttley
    17110 South Park Ave., South Holland, IL 60473 (708) 589-4079
  • International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Local 710
Judge Stuttley's educational background professional experience eminently qualifies him to bring unique expertise to the issues facing South Holland. For over thirty years, Judge Stuttley actively engaged in the practice of law. He achieved trial and legal experience in Municipal and Administrative Law, as well as Family Law. He has served as Supervising Judge of the Juvenile Division of the Circuit Court of Cook County.

Scuttley's experience in real estate transactions and development will be vital for his vision for the development of economic opportunities in South Holland. As Mayor, Judge Stuttley is dedicated to an efficient, effective, and transparent administration. He will address the issues that affect our community; such as senior services, high foreclosure, and rising juvenile crime. Stuttley plans to institute and encourage an open and inclusive government. He pledges to provide new leadership that supports an enriched family environment and community atmosphere.

Together, with the community, Judge Stuttley will strive to improve and maintain the high standards and quality of life for all in the Village of South Holland, Illinois.

Education, dedication, experience and vision . . . a great combination for a great Mayor!

Stuttley has been an active member of the Thornton Township Regular Democratic Organization where he has served in several capacities.

Stuttley has been the recipient of numerous awards and honors for volunteerism and community service. Stuttley is a dedicated public servant. Now, he wants to serve as your Mayor. Police, Fire, Public Works, and Village Hall employees will reflect the ethnic makeup of the population of South Holland.

On April 9th, the South Holland residents will have the unique opportunity to elect a slate of candidates that have not been appointed to office by the current administration. There is no reason why a Democratic community should be controlled and manipulated by a Republican Agenda.

We must hold the current leadership accountable. It is time to end cronyism in governance, lack of transparency, failing schools, inadequate youth services and programs, increasing taxes and municipal fees, contract giveaways and "group think in leadership". Our Village deserves a leadership that:
  • Will bring 21st Century economic development and jobs to South Holland
  • Will bring a fresh perspective in governance
  • Will fight for better performing schools
  • Will lower municipal fees and property taxes
  • Will make South Holland a community that embraces businesses of all sizes
  • Will be inclusive and responsive to our needs
South Holland collects over $35,000,000 in taxes and fees every year, with less than 1% going to minority vendors. It's up to us to make sure that whenever possible, this money is circulated back into our community by supporting our human capital and small business of EVERY heritage.

Ordinances are designed to protect the interest of the resident, taxpayers, and the overall interest of the Village. They should not just be enforced in select (favored) neighborhoods. In the neighborhoods with less favor, special permits are granted so that ordinances can be ignored. Then the special interest of a small group of people from outside of our community can come and violate an entire neighborhood. All neighbors should be treated the same. If the ordinance says all parks are closed at sunset, then that is what should happen. Judge Stuttley will protect all of our neighborhoods.

It is time as residents of this great community of faith to RISE UP, STAND, UP and HELP shape a better future for our Village. We can't afford to place our hopes in the handles of a few! We must elect Michael "Mike" Stuttley as Mayor #11, Michelle Royster as Clerk #13, Jacqueline D. Franklin #16 and Larry S. Alexander #15 as Trustees in keeping with our Democratic tradition. Let us turn-out at the polls a we did in last November's election.

Judge Stuttley can govern South Holland. We are Democrats. Danny Davis, Bobby Rush, and President Obama are Democrats. Illinois is a Democratic state. We have a Democratic Governor. South Holland will apply for Federal and State programs. Judge Stuttley is a Democrat. South Holland needs a Mayor that's a Democrat. After 119 years, South Holland will have its first African American Mayor. Let's make history!

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This is a message from Citizens to Elect Michael "Mike" Stuttley