April 15, 2013

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April 9th, 2013
6th Edition

This week  may feel like Spring has finally sprung, but we at Project Hood are moving forward with plans for the summer. We have great things planned for the community and the city.  We also recognize that each family is also making their plans. So, in this edition we are enclosing some timely information. Its time for our teens to start filling out those applications for summer jobs and parents for summer camps.
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This week at project choices, our youth had a chance to experience something different.  When they walked into group, a table complete with easels, canvases, and paintbrushes awaited them!


Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle are proud to announce One Summer Chicago. One Summer Chicago (OSC) connects young people to summer jobs, internships and training programs being offered throughout the City. Through OSC, young adults have the opportunity to learn job skills, develop their resumes and explore career interests. 

Chicago student: 'Violence will never cease until we find a way to make money out of peace'

This past week the beltway discussion about gun control saw a conversion of words into action, thanks not only the Senate calendar and the Thursday cloture vote on new gun reforms, but also the Newtown families who successfully lobbied senators to thwart a Republican filibuster attempt and open debate on those reforms. One of the victims' mothers even stood in for President Obama and delivered the White House Weekly Address. But also adding her voice to the mix, somewhat unexpectedly, was the president's wife: first lady Michelle Obama.
Her tearful Wednesday speech to business and community leaders in Chicago was well-timed and placed, given that her hometown saw more than 500 homicides last year-most of which were gun-related. The names of Chicagoans murdered this year continue to pile up-including one mentioned in her speech, Hadiya Pendleton, who performed in the president's inaugural parade this January about a week before she was shot to death in a Chicago park.
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Save the Date
June 15, 2013
ProjectHOOD will Kick-Off the Summer with a 5K Walk and a 10K Run, culminating with a Peace and Health Rally.  Our city needs something that will foster collaboration and community.  Going into the summer, it's no secret, history has suggested that our children are at a greater risk of exposure to violence and we need something that will produce hope.  Chicago is a runners' city and in conjunction with the City of Chicago and others, this could ideally be the event of the year!

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