May 13, 2013

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May 13, 2013
Marty Kaplan

The Day the Earth Stood Stupid

Director, Norman Lear Center and Professor at the USC Annenberg School
"Heat-Trapping Gas Passes Milestone, Raising Fears," ran the headline on the front page lead story in Saturday's New York Times, with this sub-head: "CO2 at Level Not Seen in Millions of Years, Portending Major Climate Changes." A headline like that -- millions of years? really? -- normally turns up in comic books and superhero movies, not in the paper of record. In fiction, what usually comes next is a montage. At breakfast tables and on street corners, in souks and igloos, in the Oval Office and at the U.N., the shocking news galvanizes humanity into action. In the real world, it was pretty much a one-day story. What does it take to grab us by the eyeballs? Sure, disaster porn is always good for ratings, but though a Superstorm Sandy may momentarily raise the specter of climate change, daily bulletins on the parts per million of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere apparently aren't Nielsen enough.

Minnesota Senate Passes Gay Marriage

Minnesota Senate Gay Marriage

'Extinct' GOP?..GOPer's Fox Swipe.. O vs. GOP 'Circus'.. Palin's Edge.. Harsh Bachmann.. 'Crazy' Issa

Popular TV Psychologist Dies

Joyce Brothers Dead

Huge 'Today' News.. Babs: I'm Done.. Drunk Shock.. Curry Drama.. Jon Huntsman Radio Show

IRS Unveils More Details On Tea Party Targeting


IRS Abandoned Tea Party Probes Due To 'Concerns' Over Media Attention


Kermit Gosnell Guilty Verdict

Police Identify Suspect In Mother's Day Parade Shooting

New Orleans Shooting

Video Captures Horrific Shooting

'NO PATIENCE': Obama Responds To IRS Scandal

Obama Irs

Calls Benghazi 'Sideshow'

Report: Castro Accused Of Attacking Girlfriend, Threatening Neighbors

Ariel Castro

Castro's Brothers Speak

SCOTUS Sides With Monsanto

Supreme Court Monsanto

State Moves One Step Closer To Landmark Suicide Legislation

Vermont Aidindying Bill

Nancy Pelosi's Blunt Insult Of John Boehner

Nancy Pelosi John Boehner

HORROR: Gay Man Allegedly Raped With Beer Bottles, Tortured To Death

Russian Gay Man

Tan Mom Makes Gay Porn.. Mayor's Awesome Move.. 'New Normal' Star Discusses End Of Sitcom

Hundreds Of Bangladesh Garment Factories Shut Down

Bangladesh Factory Shutdown

McDonald's Adds New Items.. Pot's Big Secret.. Walmart Takes Action.. $120 Sandwich.. Jackpot Soars

Jodi Arias Back In Jail After Suicide Watch

Jodi Arias

'Don't Worry About Me'.. Witness Films Hostage Rescue.. James Holmes.. 8-Year-Old Stabbing.. OJ Trial

Journalists Condemn Government: 'SHOCKING,' 'DISTURBING'

Eric Holder

CNN's Wolf Blitzer Can Understand Why Government Would Snoop

WATCH: Tom Brokaw Slams Obama

Tom Brokaw

Bloomberg Spying Scandal Gets Even Worse

Bloomberg Terminal Messages

Explosions, Fire Reported At Gas Plant

Poca West Virginia Explosion

Suspects Arrested In Connection With Death Of Malcolm X's Grandson

Malcolm Shabazz Murder

Twitter Hates Sallie Mae.. Maya's Abuse.. TJ Holmes Tells All.. Solange Steals Hearts.. Sideboob

Oil Spill Worries Linger

Arkansas Oil Spill Health

WATCH: Racist Chants Halt Roma-Milan Match

Mario Balotelli

Tiger vs. Sergio.. The Next Sports Meme.. Fan Violence.. NHL Sued.. Venus Eliminated.. Double Save

Pot Reduces Risk Of Common Type Of Cancer, Study Suggests

Marijuana Bladder Cancer

Obama Considers Giving Corporations Political Power In Trade Deal

Obama Cameron Trade

Lindsey Graham Threatens To Pull Immigration Support Over Gay Rights

Lindsey Graham Immigration Amendment

Elizabeth Warren's Petition Garners More Than 250,000 Signatures

Warren Student Loan Petition

Mayan Pyramid DESTROYED By Bulldozers

Mayan Pyramid Destroyed

Ten Commandments.. Virginia Muslims React.. Book Of Mormon.. Guantanamo Repentance

RFK Jr.: Citizens United The 'Worst Thing That's Happened To The Environment'


Video Appears To Show Syrian Rebel Biting Heart Of Dead Soldier

Syria Video Heart Soldier

'Ghost Town' Emerges.. Strange Spy Scandal.. Shirtless Putin.. $127,000 Plane Bed.. Brazil Death Cars



Woman In Starbucks Drops Purse With Forgotten Gun, Shoots Friend

Florida Gun Murders

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