May 17, 2013


Yesterday, Republicans in the House of Representatives voted to repeal Obamacare for the 37th time -- just to appease their extreme right-wing base.

They have tried to repeal the law, they have tried to overturn the law, and last year, they ran a presidential candidate who promised to "kill it dead."

Americans need to have Obamacare fully implemented -- not repealed.

Join me and tell House Republicans to stop playing politics with Americans' health care and do their job.

Here in Massachusetts, we've been working to make sure all of our citizens have access to quality, affordable health insurance. And we've gotten results -- 98 percent of Bay Staters are insured, by far the highest number in the country. The plan we passed in 2006 -- which is the model for Obamacare -- has only grown more popular with people in our state over time. The more people experience the benefits in their lives, the more they like it.

That's also happening with Obamacare. While Republicans try to repeal it, over three million young adults are able to get coverage through their parents' plans, seniors have saved over $6 billion on their prescriptions, and health care cost increases are finally beginning to slow down.

But Republicans in Congress don't care about any of that. They just want to do whatever they can to block, repeal, or damage Obamacare -- just to block the President's agenda.

That's not what the American people need or want. Join me today and tell House Republicans to work with, not against, President Obama and for the American people:



Governor Deval Patrick


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