May 27, 2013

Pentagon Adviser Warns of 'Financial Pearl Harbor'

Urgent Message About U.S. Economy

Dear Newsmax Reader:
I'm Aaron DeHoog , the financial publisher at Newsmax.
And what I have to discuss with you now is the most serious threat to both our country and your financial security that I've ever come across.
Because it could eradicate your life savings . . . your investments . . . and your entire net worth.
Today, I Want You to
Imagine the Unimaginable.
What if a man with the highest government clearance at the Pentagon and CIA . . .
Who has access to some of the most sensitive military and economic intelligence, who regularly briefs the Treasury, and who has testified before the Senate and House of Representatives . . .
Walked into your office, sat down, and with a calm voice that did not waver, gave you the following warning . . .
"An Economic Pearl Harbor
Is about to Strike America."
And this was not something he said without understanding its gravity.
Because — as you'll soon learn — the CIA enlisted him to investigate the last direct attack on our country and economy: 9/11.
And this time he believes the outcome could be as severe as the Great Depression, as our already fragile financial system collapses, and the wealth of tens of millions of innocent Americans who aren't prepared is decimated in the blink of an eye from the onslaught.
For example, the $50 trillion lost in the recession would be just a drop in the bucket.
Picture $100 trillion vanishing from Main Street America and our economy.
Picture investment accounts crumbling into ashes . . . impoverishing even the wealthiest . . . as the stock market suddenly plunges 50% . . . with no floor in sight.
Picture inflation hitting extreme levels that make the 1970s look like a pleasant memory . . . as what's left of the dollar is eradicated.

Aaron DeHoog
Financial Publisher