May 07, 2013

Stand UP with us

Stand for Children Illinois
Dear Fred,

Last weekend, parents from the South and West sides of Chicago did something to positively affect their child's educational success - they graduated from a program called Stand University for Parents (Stand UP). I wish you could have experienced the energy in the auditorium. It was electric watching the graduate's faces as they walked across the stage with their kids and their families cheering them on.  

Stand UP 2013

Stand UP is a ten-week course that is laser focused on improving student achievement and establishing great habits in elementary school that will put these children on the path to college. These graduates are not only learning to advocate for their children but themselves as well. We want parents to take this sense of empowerment and apply it to their school, their neighborhood, and the surrounding community.

127 parents graduated from Stand UP this past Saturday and we want to expand and graduate 300 this fall but we need your help to do it. 

We know that kids succeed in school when they have more engaged parents. We also know that parents become more involved in their child's education if they feel more confident navigating the educational system. 

Stand UP focuses on things like: 

•How to build a relationship with your child's teacher and school
•How to set high expectations
•How to read your child's report card and data
•How to set up the 'curriculum' of the home to match the 'curriculum of the classroom'

This program works, just ask the hundreds of parents who have graduated in the last two years. Will you support Stand UP with a gift of $25 today? 

You make the difference. Donate $25 now and help us grow this program.

Thank you for your support,

Jacquelyn Dortch
Stand for Children Family Engagement Manager

P.S. This program is a small part of the work that we do to ensure a quality education for all kids. Donate now and help us continue this work!

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