May 28, 2013

What To Do If Your Child Isn't Going To College; Twins Are Spelman Co-Valedictorians; Dr. Dre - Why give USC $35 million and not to an HBCU?; Lupe Fiasco Delivers Message of Hope, Excellence and Power to Young Black Men; Attend the State of Black Chicago Congress

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What do you do if your child isn't going to college?
Twins at Spelman co-valedictorians
Dr. Dre, Why not give $35 million to an HBCU?
Mass Black Male Graduation
Blacik Star Supports Africa Night
State of Black Chicago Congress
Qi Gong and Your Health
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What do you do if your child 
isn't going to college?
The data are very clear on why a high school degree, and especially a GED, can't be a terminal degree for someone in today's economy. Technology has driven up the complexity of virtually all professions to the point that there is no difference between the skills needed to be college-ready and those needed to be career-ready.

May 22, 2013  
Jay Mathews
A parent asked me recently what she should do if her child doesn't appear headed for college. The student in question is just a fourth-grader, but this is the Washington area, probably our nation's most college-conscious region. Parents here like to plan ahead.
We don't want to drag to college a student who isn't interested. But there is a big difference between getting students ready for college and forcing them to go. In this area, schools are committed to prepare nearly every child for college these days, just as they are committed to teach nearly every child to read. High schools try to make it very difficult for students to graduate without taking the reading, writing, math, science and history courses that colleges require - and for a very good reason.
"Technology has driven up the complexity of virtually all professions to the point that there is no difference between the skills needed to be college-ready and those needed to be career-ready," said Mel Riddile, a former national high school principal of the year from Northern Virginia who is now an associate director at the National Association of Secondary School Principals.
Every student needs to tackle the basic academic subjects on which modern working lives are based, all the experts I have consulted said. They also need to know how to manage their time, work in a team and present their ideas at meetings. Without those skills, unless they have wealthy and indulgent parents, they will have little chance at financially secure and personally satisfying lives, whether they go to college or not.
"College is not for everyone, of course," said Andrew Rotherham, a national education policy expert who served on the Virginia state school board. "But post-secondary of some sort clearly is. The data are very clear on why a high school degree, and especially a GED, can't be a terminal degree for someone in today's economy."
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Sister power: Twins are 
Spelman co-valedictorians
Identical twins Kirstie and Kristie Bronner, C'2013, have been named co-valedictorians for the Spelman College Class of 2013. With a 4.0 GPA, the Bronners are the first twins to receive the designation in the history of Spelman. 
"Being co-valedictorians of our class is very exciting and a blessing for us," said Kirstie. Following graduation, Kristie and Kirstie, both music majors, plan to join the youth ministry at Word of Faith Family Worship Cathedral in Atlanta, pastored by their father Bishop Dale Bronner. 
The Bronners attribute their academic achievement to a disciplined study routine, time management and their faith.  "We maximized our study time," said Kirstie. "People would ask us 'do you want to go do this or that on a weekday' and the response was an automatic 'no.' We saved recreation for the weekend. Our philosophy was and is, pay now and play later." 
Added Kristie, "We prayed before every homework assignment and before every exam. We can sum up our progress with the saying, 'Work like it's all up to you and pray like it's all up to God.' Prayer accounts for things you can't do. What you are able to take responsibility for, do it. Don't act like God is suppose to do it all for you."
The sisters are third-generation Spelman graduates. As youngsters, they looked up to their mother, Nina Cobb Bronner, C'85, and grandmother, Dorothy Gibson Cobb, C'56, and naturally wanted to continue the Spelman tradition. 
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Why USC and not a 
black college, Dr. Dre? 
His huge gift to the school is commendable, but why couldn't it have gone to a needy black college?
I was in Detroit preparing to give a speech last week when the news came across my Twitter feed: "Dr. Dre and music producer Jimmy Iovine donate $70 million to USC to create new degree." As one of the first university presidents from the hip-hop generation, I had to stop and read the story immediately.
I understood their need to build a pool of skilled talent. But why at USC? Iovine's daughter is an alum, sure. And he just gave its commencement address. Andre Young - before he was Dr. Dre - grew up in nearby Compton, where he rose to fame as part of the rap group N.W.A. The Beats headquarters are on L.A.'s Westside.
Still, what if Dre had given $35 million - his half of the USC gift and about 10% of his wealth, according to a Forbes estimate - to an institution that enrolls the very people who supported his career from the beginning? An institution where the majority of students are low-income? A place where $35 million would represent a truly transformational gift?
Why didn't Dr. Dre give it to a black college?
Walter M. Kimbrough is the president of Dillard University, a liberal arts black college in New Orleans.
Editor's Note:  The University of Southern California is estimated to have about a $3.5 billion endowment.

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Join us to see and hear
Lupe Fiasco Deliver a Message of Hope, Excellence and Power to Young Black Men
Click Here to See Lupe Fiasco's "Dumb It Down" 
"You been shedding to much light Lu
(Dumb It Down)
You make'em want to do right Lu
(Dumb It Down)
They're getting self-esteem Lu
(Dumb It Down)
These girls are trying to be queens Lu
(Dumb It Down) 
They're trying to graduate from school Lu
(Dumb It Down)
They're starting to think that smart is cool Lu
(Dumb It Down)
They're trying to get up out the hood Lu
I'll me tell you what you should do!"

And See
The March of The Elders as They Lead Young Black Males to Manhood 
Click Here to Print A Copy of This Flyer.  Every young Black man in America should be at this ceremony.  Young Black men must be accompanied by a parent, guardian, teacher, pastor or mentor. Every adult must bring a young Black man to gain admission to this event. Chicago State University is the place to be for young Black men on June 29, 2013.  All young Black men attending should wear a shirt and tie.  Dress to excel!!!  Admission by ticket only.  You must RSVP for tickets.  Please call 773.285.9600 to RSVP or for more information. 
Join The Black Star Project 
in support of Generations For Progress and invitees from South Africa, Egypt, Nigeria, Angola, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Ethiopia, Sudan, Chad, Ghana, Liberia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Tanzania, Cameroon, Uganda, Ivory Coast, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mali, Niger, Rwanda, Senegal, Gabon, Mozambique, Burkina Faso, Zambia, Madagascar, Republic of the Congo, Namibia, Central African Republic, Malawi, Benin, Togo, Swaziland, Sierre Leone, The Gambia, Lesotho, Guinea Bissau, Somalia and all other African countries at 
Africa Night
Bridging the Gap 
Saturday, June 1, 2013

The K.L.E.O. Center - $5.00 Admission
119 East Garfield Blvd (5500 South)
Chicago, Illinois
6:00 pm to 11:00 pm
First Saturday of Each Month
African Food - African Dress - African Music
Please call 773.668.5237 for more information.
Please call Black Star at 773.285.9600 to be part of our party.

Win Cash and A Trip to Washington, D.C. with 
 Fatherhood Challenge 2013
"This Is Fatherhood" 
President Barack Obama, Dwyane Wade and Lecrae lead the fathers of America to positive fatherhood! 
"In many ways, I came to understand the importance of fatherhood through its absence - both in my life and in the lives of others.  I came to understand that the hole a man leaves when he abandons his responsibility to his children is one that no government can fill.  We can do everything possible to provide good jobs and good schools and safe streets for our kids, but it will never be enough to full y make up the difference.  That is why we need father's to step up, to realize that their job does not end at conception; that what makes you a man is not the ability to have a child but the courage to raise one." - President Barack Obama
"Of course, when I was first approached by President Obama to become involved with the initiative, I was humbled.  More than that I was moved by the fact that one of the reasons he was so passionate about this issue is that he grew up without his dad.  He, too, has recognized that being a father is his most important role."   - Dwyane Wade
"Fatherhood is a unique opportunity and privilege for man to change the world through his investment in a child. It is our chance to leave a legacy and an impact that will change lives."-  Lecrae
How the challenge works:
1. Contestants will submit their entries on the challenge web site.
2. Finalists will be selected through social media voting and an industry expert panel.
3. The winners of each category will win cash prizes and receive a trip to the contest's culminating ceremony in Washington, D.C.
4. Submit entries by June 1, 2013
The Black Star Project 
for a new book autographing with 
Dr. Paul L. Hannah M.D.
Saturday, June 1, 2013
2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
3509 South King Drive
Chicago, Illinois
Qi Gong Awakens: Always Living in Vibrant Energy unlocks and makes accessible the wisdom of one of the most powerful of Chinese healing arts. Himself a wise physician and healer, Dr. Hannah reveals the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical principles of this ancient universal science of working with life energy. Paul L. Hannah, MD, provides a splendid effort to help integrate the principles and practice of Qi Gong with personally acquired insights into the multidimensional aspects of human existence. As a practicing psychiatrist, Dr. Hannah goes well beyond considering only the physical body and explains to the readers how to separately examine the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of their existence. He shows how Qi Gong can help establish a functional harmony between these differing expressions of self.

Please call 773.285.9600 for more information
The State of Black Chicago Congress

Advance Illinois, Gorter Family Foundation and North Chicago Partners with Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science and College of Lake County 
Jerry D. Weast
former Superintendent of 
Montgomery County, Maryland
Mr. Weast had great success in narrowing the racial academic achievement gap and increasing the Black male graduation rates in Montgomery County, Maryland, 

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