June 10, 2013

Michelle Alexander Delivers One of the Best Speeches in America in the 21st Century!!!

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"Are All Americans Criminals 
Because of the Way We Treat 
Black Men in America?"
"This speech by Professor Michelle Alexander is one of the best speeches of the 21st century.  This speech is in the dynamic tradition of speeches by Malcolm X, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Nelson Mandela and President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.  This is a speech that should be studied by every student in America for content, form, delivery, historical research and political veracity.
Additionally, Professor Alexander's book is a bible for understanding the actions and policies of America in relationship to race and incarceration over the past 50 years.  Every high school and college student in America must read the great American book--The New Jim Crow!  And every adult in America should watch this video!!
Michelle Alexander reminds us of "Harriet Tubman, Ella Baker and Ida B. Wells"!  She is a freedom fighter and a movement builder!  Watch this video and then call The Black Star Project (773.285.9600) to do something."
Phillip Jackson 
The Black Star Project
Please click here to see and hear Professor Michelle Alexander speaking on "The New Jim Crow"!
Click here to purchase and read her book, "The New Jim Crow'
To join the movement to end the New Jim Crow in America, you can:  
  • Host a reading circle for The New Jim Crow book at your church, community center, high school or college
  • Communicate with your elected officials about ways to changes laws that sweep Black men and boys into the criminal justice system
  • Mentor youth in juvenile detention facilities
  • Visit inmates in prisons and jails (men and women)
  • Work to get records expunged for the formerly incarcerated
  • Welcome returning citizens (from prison) back to your community
  • Help returning citizens get jobs
  • Council first-time offenders so that they remain crime-free
  • Speak to youth in schools about not becoming part of the criminal justice system
  • Become a court watcher to ensure that Black men and boys are treated fairly by the criminal justice process
  • Write a letter to a jail or prison encouraging men and women who are incarcerated to keep their spirits high  
To become one of the the Servant Leaders in your city planning and directing this effort, please call 773.285.9600. We will provide you with an organizing kit that will help you step-by-step to create, manage or support an outstanding New Jim Crow Social Justice Movement program in your city.   
We will also provide technical assistance and ongoing support. Churches, schools, faith-based organizations, fraternities, Masonic organizations, veterans associations, community-based organizations, affinity organizations, military service personnel, social service agencies, companies and corporations will participate in this effort.  
Click Here to purchase a copy of The New Jim Crow. 
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