July 01, 2013

CNN's Don Lemon Hosting 'The N-Word' Special

CNN's Don Lemon Hosting 'The N-Word' Special'via Blog this'

CNN is airing a special called "The N Word," hosted by Don Lemon, on Monday night.
Lemon will be debating the use of the word, in light of the recent allegations of racism against Paula Deen and the George Zimmerman trialTV Newser reported that the special will air at 7 p.m. in lieu of "Outfront," while Erin Burnett is on vacation.
Lemon has previously said that he believes journalists should say the full word, instead of the phrase "n-word," when reporting a story. "I think someone should say, that person called someone 'nigger,' instead of saying 'the n-word,' because I think it sanitizes it," he explained last year, adding that he hated the use of the word in music and when it's used for misogynistic purposes.