July 15, 2013

Obama Issues Pro-Trayvon Martin Statement | The Blog on Obama: White House Dossier

Obama Issues Pro-Trayvon Martin Statement | The Blog on Obama: White House Dossier'via Blog this'

Our President, not our black President, but our President will not talk about race in public. We need our President to talk about race, not as a black man, but as President of the United States. President Obama uses artfully crafted language avoiding a discussion on racism in America, both in our social environment and in our Congress. We often distort or the difference between racism and bigotry and bias. Racism is the ability to impact systematically the lives, institutions, and life outcomes of a people. Bigotry and bias means prejudices toward others. What racism has in play is "white" supremacy. The brilliance of "white" supremacy is nobody has to be at the wheel of the car driving. You can use "artfully" crafted language promoting bigotry and biases toward a people. Think of the statement made by Martin Luther King Jr. to his jailers when he stated (not verbatim) "the brilliance of white supremacy is to convince poor white people that they are advantaged by the very thing that undermines them economically and politically.

The Supreme Court ruling nullifying the Civil Rights Act for voting is justified with the Zimmerman verdict suggesting our country does not have a race problem. Attorney General Eric Holder has to act now. He can do something bold and courageous. President Obama won a second term. With all due respect to the President of the United States, is everything about legacy or about the American people and our country. President Obama needs to talk about racism in government and in our country. Unless President Obama does something courageous and bold in pure discussion about race and racism, "white" America will think racism is not an issue, and "white" supremacy will flourish. This country is torn with racism, bigotry, and racial biases. It is time to act...