August 13, 2013

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August 13th, 2013
18th Edition

Happy August! We're back in action here at Project Hood. We took a bit of a break on the newsletters as we had so many different things to share with you, we didn't want it to be an overload of information shared. Thank you for all your support and prayers are we are working effortlessly to build a state of the art community center. We hope you enjoyed the images from the peace rally as well as the coverage from Fox News. 
Thank you for being patient with us and we're happy to have more information to share with you again on a weekly basis in our newsletter. 
Please read and share these articles with your family and friends. Spread the word about Project Hood.


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In the wake of the ruling of "not guilty"in the Trayvon Martin case, much discussion  is taking place regarding whether  the decision made by the jury was fair. "Fair" is a word that    cannot    be applied to    the Trayvon Benjamin Martin'caseIt was unfair that he    was profiled, followed and killed on    February 26, 2012.  It  was  unfair  that  he    was  tried  for  his  own  murder. It was unfair that his assailant  has been    called "not guilty"    of taking    the life of an innocent, unarmed young    man who was full of promise and    possibilities...A future discarded  and now never to bknown by those    who loved him, or whom he    might    have come tlove. 
On the surface,  the tragedy  of this story is    indeed loss    of life and two parents    left behind to wonder    what their child might have accomplished.     More    deeply and fundamentally, the    tragedy  is our society    - our American    society - that    has perpetuated the prejudices and ideals that    led to the events that    took place that fateful day.

City Releases Maps Of New Safe Passage Routes For Schools 
August 9, 2013 7:19 AM 
CHICAGO (CBS) - About two weeks before students return to school, Chicago Public Schools officials have released details on the new Safe Passage routes designed to protect kids as they move to their new schools this year. 
Several schools have been using Safe Passage routes since 2011, but now 59 additional schools will receive the same support for the upcoming school year, including the welcoming schools for the 30,000 students from 48 elementary schools that were closed in June. (Another elementary school is slated to close at the end of the upcoming school year.) 

600 Cities and 1.1 Million Fathers Participated in the Largest, Organized Back-to-School Effort in U.S. History
(Chicago, Illinois) - Most educational experts know that one of the best ways to improve the academic performance of students is to get fathers and families to participate effectively in the educational and social-developmental lives of their children.  The Black Star Project is sponsoring the Million Father March 2013 on the first day of school in nearly 600 cities across America to get fathers and families more engaged with the education of their children.
"Education has become a matter of national security. If we cannot effectively educate our children, we cannot properly protect our country or our quality of life in America," says Phillip Jackson, Executive Director of The Black Star Project, U.S.A.  The Million Father March is a special day when fathers and other men make a commitment to their children, their families, their communities and their country with their dynamic presence at a school.   Fathers are asked to make a year-long commitment by volunteering 10 hours during the coming school year at their child's school.  This is the real Fathers Day!


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