October 08, 2013

In New Poll, Americans Blame Everyone for Government Shutdown | TIME.com

In New Poll, Americans Blame Everyone for Government Shutdown | TIME.com: 'via Blog this'

The people they have on MSNBC's Morning Joe, including Joe Scarborough, are missing the issue...this is about racism!!! Placing blame on President Obama is nothing more than racist finding an opportunity to practice their racist attitudes and behaviors. It's purely about racism...President Obama needs to take his stand and let the chips fall where they may...Republicans are 100% responsible for the shutdown and the upcoming default of the government...
A new CNN/ORC International poll shows that no one is coming out ahead in the current federal funding impasse, but Republicans are taking more heat than the Democrats.
According to the survey, 63 percent of those questioned said they were angry at Republicans, with 57 percent also angry at Democrats, and 53 percent unhappy with President Obama. Nearly half of those surveyed said the shutdown has caused major problems.

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