January 29, 2014

Sallie Mae: Nefarious Character of Management

January 29, 2014
Mr. John F. Remondi, President & CEO
Sallie Mae
Office of the Customer Advocate 
P. O. Box 4200 
Wilkes-Barre, PA 18773-4200
Re:       Supervisory Staff Misconduct
Mr. Remondi:
On January 29, 2014, at approximately 9:00 am (CST), I, Dr. Fred Nance Jr., called regarding my Sallie Mae account for my student loan. I talked to Sallie Mae representative Kelli, who took my financial and current debt information, suggesting alternatives for payment on my student loan. I attempted to discuss issues with Ms. Kelli but it seemed I could not talk for her over talking me. After continuously attempting to get a word in, as our voices began to escalate, I informed Ms. Kelli I understood the position she was explaining to me to why I may not be eligible for deferment or forbearance. I informed Ms. Kelli her position came from a Sallie Mae policy, and that, I had a PhD in Social Policy; and therefore, requested to speak to a supervisor who may override a policy issue if I can articulate my issues from a policy standpoint. Ms. Kelli introduced me to Supervisor Megan.
Supervisor Megan began discussing my redress of alternatives for payment of my student loans. As I attempted to have dialogue with her, she continuously over talked me. As Megan continued to talk, I interrupted her asking to speak to a supervisor who had time to talk to me. Supervisor Megan introduced me to Floor Supervisor Nino.
Floor Supervisor Nino began "running" through my alternatives for payment, not allowing me to talk. After my encounter with Megan, I asserted to be heard. As a matter of respect, I introduced myself to him as Dr. Nance having a PhD in Social Policy. I was hoping Nino would allow me to speak after professionally introducing myself to him. I first asked Nino to tell me who the Sallie Mae representatives were who I spoke to before him. I did not know I had spoken to Kelli and Megan until Nino told me. Instead of Nino respecting me professionally, he began talking down to me, insulting me, disrespecting me with overtones of superiority and what I call a false sense of authority. Nino said other things, which I informed him he was bordering on institutional racism. Nino asked me, what did my PhD have to do with knowing who Kelli and Megan are? I asked Nino if I could speak to his manager. Nino told me there was no one above him for me to speak too. I told Nino I would write this correspondence stating he was refusing to let me speak to his superior. I told Nino I was recording our conversation also. Nino stated I could not record his conversation. I told Nino I can record his conversation because I told him I was recording it. Nino then told me his manager was in a meeting. I asked Nino for his manager's name. Nino told me his manager's name is Terrance. Nino then went on to say, do you want the name of the person in the cubicle next to me. I asked Nino for the location of his site and/or the address to where he is located for purposes of my writing this correspondence so you would know where this guy is located since he gave me only his first name. I also asked Nino for Sallie Mae's corporate office address. Nino responded (condescendingly) by stating, do you want the address to our other locations also. Nino told me he was disconnecting our phone conversation. Nino hung up the phone from his end. Sir, this is absurd!!! Do your supervisors engage in any training? Is this a regular practice of Sallie Mae? For a person like Nino to talk the way he did, this is not isolated behavior. Nino has talked to other people as he has talked to me today.
I searched Sallie Mae's website to find information on its corporate officers. I found the President & CEO, which is you, Mr. John F. Remondi. I also found a number to call your advocacy staff. I called the advocate staff, speaking to Ms. Brittany. I introduced myself as Dr. Nance and gave my professional background. Ms. Brittany responded as a professional, and did not once disrespect me or my present position in life (being unemployed October 31, 2012; depleting my savings; and now, since December 28, 2013, not having unemployment insurance to pay my Sallie Mae account).
I explained to Ms. Brittany that Ms. Kelli told me I was upside down with my debt to income ration, and that, I had exhausted my remedies with deferment and forbearance. I explained to Ms. Brittany I had no income. I explained a teaching/lecturer position I was acquiring in the near future. I asked if I could pay my bill with American Express or Discover. Ms. Brittany informed me Sallie Mae does not accept payment through this entities. Ms. Brittany explained to me I could call Sallie Mae's Rate Reduction Program at 877-905-4527 if my income status changes.
Wherefore, this correspondence reports character and behavior unbecoming of an institution who prides themselves stating "Sallie Mae has undergone significant transformations since its creation as a government-sponsored enterprise. Four decades of innovation and change have made Sallie Mae the leading financial services company specializing in education…." My experiences today undercuts this statement.
Mr. Remondi you state Sallie Mae's commitment to the next generation is to save, plan and pay responsibly, successfully for college. How do you achieve this goal with employees acting out as illustrated here? Sallie Mae customers should be respected, at all times. Especially, during times of economic peril in America.
Respectfully submitted.
Fred Nance Jr., Ph.D
Human Services, Social Policy Analysis and Planning

cc:        advocate@salliemae.com
            570-821-4556 (fax)