December 26, 2014

A Crazy Idea to Fix College

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A Crazy Idea to Fix College
Jeff Selingo on LinkedIn
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The Most Overpaid And Underpaid CEOs In Tech
We asked the compensation expert who wrote the book on fair pay to tell us who is really the highest paid and lowest paid tech...
Heard you resigned ?
Danny Chew
"Heard you resigned?" I said to him and held my hand out to shake his. He shook my hand, leaned over and...
Apple Will Earn $3 Billion Because The iPhone 6 Starts With A Pitiful...
Apple's storage tiers are designed to make you pay $100 more.
How Do You Start a Meeting?
Dan Leunig
On a recent Monday, I had a meeting scheduled with the Inside Sales Team. When we convened in the conference room, it was clear...
The Death of Business Casual
Rob Madelmayer
It boils my blood to see how some "men" get dressed in the morning and head to work. The baggy shirts, ill-fitted...
Careful! Don't Use These Words With Your Boss
Bernard Marr
Your relationship with your boss is a unique one. Maybe your manager is very friendly and acts like your BFF. Maybe he or she is...
The scariest part of the Sony hack
Jay Yarow
The biggest story of the month is Sony getting hacked. The emails of its employees were exposed for the world to see. In those...
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