January 23, 2015

Apple and Google: This Is Not Middle School. Play Nice.

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Apple and Google: This Is Not Middle School. Play Nice.
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An AirAsia plane that crashed into the Java Sea last month with 162 people on board climbed at a speed that was "beyond normal"...
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Why You Are Stalled, Part III
Hiroshi Mikitani
Last week I wrote the second in a series posts focused on how you can overcome a stalled career. The first part was about Kaizen,...
Why This CEO Will Never Hire Another Salesperson
Brian de Haaff
I have many good friends who work in sales. That's why this post is going to hurt, but let me say in my defense that I have...
7 Myths About Making Money
James Altucher
Last night, about two feet from me they were having sex. I know this because, using the scientific method, I cupped a glass...
Business Travel...Life of a Rock Star
Jim Koza
How many of you business travelers out there have been told you "live the life of a rock star"? We eat fancy dinners;...
Is Apple wrong for not taking off Martin Luther King Jr. Day?
Jason Calacanis
There's a controversy going on right now about tech companies not giving people Martin Luther King Jr. Day off. Said more...
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