March 26, 2016

Fw: New Law Takes Away Two Social Security Checks a Year

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Dear Reader,
Most people see Social Security as a contract between you and the government. You pay money into the system and they pay it back at a later date.
Guaranteed by law.
Everyone knows you must pay your Social Security taxes. You have no choice. It comes out of your paycheck automatically.
But did you know the government isn't under the same rigid contract?
In fact, according to a ruling of the United States Supreme Court in 1960, the federal government is under NO obligation to pay you a Social Security check.
President Obama and Congress know this. Obama was a constitutional scholar, after all.
They could use this little-known legal precedent to quietly dismantle the Social Security program...
They may have already taken their first shot. Starting in 2016, they're taking away three years' worth of Social Security benefits from 32 million Americans.
And you could be one of them...
Tim Mittelstaedt
Editorial Director, Palm Beach Research Group

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