June 07, 2013

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Week of Jun 7, 2013
Trending Stories
Garbage-powered Cars?
9 Superhuman Strength Secrets
Learn all about plyometrics, and discover the best exercises for getting stronger (via Quick & Dirty Tips).
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High Likelihood of Forming False Memories
Meet project PRISM
Get the background on the NSA's large-scale secret surveillance program that's been stirring public controversy (via APM)
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Amazon to Launch Its Own Currency
Tracing The Origins Of French Winemaking
After a recent discovery, archaeologists have dated the beginning of viniculture in France to around 500 B.C. and contact with the Etruscans. (via NPR)
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Top Shows
Planet Money
Tell Me Something I Don't Know
A discussion among artists, writers, filmmakers, and other creative guests on their work, and the reality of what they do.
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60-Second Health
Tangentially Speaking
Society & Culture
Organic, revelatory, and often unexpected conversations featuring a wide spectrum of guests- from dominatrixes, to Italian Princes.
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Jordan, Jesse GO!
Keith & The Girl
Podcast veterans Keith and Chemda talk to comedians about current events, pop culture, and even intimate details of their lives.
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