July 26, 2013

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Obama Throws Blacks the Trayvon Race Bone

Jul 25, 2013 07:49 pm | Crystal Wright

Obama on TrayvonPresident Barack Obama using the White House Press Briefing Room July 19, 2013 to speak about Trayvon Martin's killing was beneath the office of the presidency. Did the four Americans slain by terrorists in Benghazi get this much attention from Obama? More like avoidance.
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Our Post Racial President Claims to Be Black

Jul 25, 2013 07:34 pm | Harry R. Jackson, Jr

Obama on TrayvonLast Friday, President Obama made his first attempt to claim his position as the first black president. In fact, for the first time in my recollection, the president referred to himself as an African American in one of his speeches -  a dramatic turnaround from his "post racial" stance and his advocacy of other special interest groups.
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Jesus on Trial

If you think you've fully grasped the truths of the Bible, it's time to take another look. Prepare yourself to receive a fresh perspective on the gospel of John, as Dr. Eric Wallace expounds on the unique presentation of Christ in this Fourth Gospel.
Examine the evidence through the lenses of our modern-day court system, as Dr. Wallace sketches out the exciting trial motif considering the various witnesses who give testimony to the identity and authority of Jesus as Prophet, Messiah and Son of God. Conclude for yourself the legal precedence of Jesus' accusers as Wallace argues the merits of Jesus' acquittal based on Deuteronomic law, and a wealth of exculpatory evidence tracing back to the Pentateuchal traditions.
Jesus on trial is a must-read for the bible scholar, pastor, Christian layperson or seminary student looking for a more in-depth study of the Gospel of John. As well as for anyone who is eagerly in search of evidence to support the "good news" message of Jesus Christ.


Integrity of Faith

Through the ages, God has chosen men after His own heart to confound the wise and energize the weak. Old Testament heroes like Moses, Abraham, Isaac and King David were imperfect men who God ultimately perfected because of their faith in the midst of hardship and trials. Dr. Eric M. Wallace is a 21st century replica of those heroes, a man whose ongoing faith journey is one that will encourage and inspire you.
A few Endorsements from the back cover:
"Integrity of Faith takes the reader into the life of a young black man who struggles to fulfill what he feels is God's plan for his life–to be a minister of the Gospel. In sharing intimate details of his life, Dr. Wallace shows that God calls ordinary people, those with personal issues.... The Book is especially recommended reading to inspire and encourage those who are just getting started in ministry. His formal educational pursuit now behind him, Dr. Wallace is ready to take the next step to pursue his calling." Rev. Alice J. Dice, Body of Life Pastor, Vernon Park Church of God, Chicago IL
"Dr. Wallace's story is a testimony of integrity and faith experienced by many, but told by only a few. His account is a compelling reminder that those values are enduring despite the negative forces to the contrary." Herman Cain, former GOP candidate for President and President and CEO, THE New Voice, Inc.


Maafa 21 (DVD)

They were stolen from their homes, locked in chains and taken across an ocean. And for more than 200 years, their blood and sweat would help to build the richest and most powerful nation the world has ever known.
But when slavery ended, their welcome was over. America's wealthy elite had decided it was time for them to disappear and they were not particular about how it might be done.
What you are about to see is that the plan these people set in motion 150 years ago is still being carried out today. So don't think that this is history. It is not. It is happening right here, and it's happening right now.
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