August 09, 2013

Your Tiny Thyroid Is Making You Fat


Is Your Thyroid Making You Fat?

Carol's thyroid appeared totally normal . . .
At least that's what her last doctor told her after she'd undergone a common blood test for thyroid function. Yet despite her best efforts to diet, Carol struggled with her weight, gaining so much that she actually became disabled.

By the time Carol consulted renowned holistic physician David Brownstein, M.D., at his Michigan clinic, she felt truly desperate about her escalating weight — and her declining health.

Fortunately, because of his expertise at treating hidden thyroid problems, Dr. Brownstein was able to correctly address Carol's underactive thyroid.

And you'll see the shocking "before" and "after" photos of Carol following her thyroid diagnosis and treatment on the complimentary educational video presentation Dr. Brownstein has created. You'll find that Carol's case is not unusual. As Dr. Brownstein will share with you on the video, undiagnosed thyroid problems affect 52 million Americans, perhaps even you or a loved one — particularly if you are overweight or obese.

On this video, you'll discover how to easily check your thyroid function at home — from the comfort of your own bed. Plus, you'll also see the startling way your own tongue can warn you about potential thyroid disease. And you'll hear about the simple, effective, and inexpensive solutions to this rampant disorder Dr. Brownstein has developed over decades of practice.

Editor's Note: Thyroid disorders not only contribute to obesity, but also to major killers such as heart disease and cancer. They also increase the risk of death for those over the age of 55. Don't wait until it's nearly too late, like Carol did. Click here right now to see the shocking video with Carol's "before" and "after" photos!

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